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Established in 1996, Nordic Seaco has since proven that close relationships with both customers and suppliers, open and honest communication with focus on sustainability - and top quality, wild caught seafood - really pays off.

Based in Ålesund, surrounded by steep mountains and deep fjords, we are passionate about the products we sell, both into established markets and new niches. We know our fish !

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Our industry product line consist of  H/G, W/R,  fresh- or sea frozen fillets, together with different types of blocks packed in cartons, bags or bulk.

We also sell bi-products like frozen roe, industrial quality, whole block frozen, interleaved or IQF.


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Salted / dried salted

For the salt-fish market we mainly offer whole, split and salted fish of various species, measured by weight or length. Our products are usually packed in cartons, pallet containers or loose on plastic wrapped pallets.

The dried salted fish is dried according to customers requirements, main part being 7/8 cure.

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Species guide

The product range will vary due to seasonal availability and daily demands.


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Most landfrozen products are skinless, boneless - packed in 5 kgs / 10 kgs cartons or bulk. Graded, IQF, portions, cuts or loins to our customers specifications.

We also offer sea-frozen fillets, skinless, pbi, 3x15 lbs, graded - from top modern vessels.

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Facts about wild caught frozen fish from Norway


The Norwegian Seafood Council

The council has an ambitious global mission; to raise awareness of Norwegian seafood as a premium food, and to communicate the message that ”the best seafood in the world comes from Norway”.


Latest news

The Transparency Act

Explanation of the Transparency Act

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Key Accounts - Gunn & Fredrik

We are pleased to inform that both Gunn and Fredrik have been given new positions!

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FINALLY! MSC certification is back also for coastal cod in Norway!

It is very gratifying and important that this finally is in place, as it has disturbed sales unnecessarily since Norway...

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