Where to find us


Nordic Seaco is situated on the west coast of Norway, more accurately - in stunning Aalesund.

The town of Aalesund is well known for its long fishing traditions and has become the centre of the most modern fisheries in Norway. It is home to many ship-owners, who operate a huge part of the Norwegian ocean-going fishing fleet. In recent years, Aalesund has also become a stronghold for new technology and innovation within the marine sector.

Aalesund is the biggest fish export harbour in Norway and an ideal base for Nordic Seaco’s activities, providing direct access to all the international fishing markets.

Our offices are located as close to the sea and fishery activities as one can possibly get; being on top of a fish warehouse on the quayside of Gangstovika. Here we access to both storage and an inspection room. We often carry out our own inspections, as we like to ensure the quality ourselves. Our offices are just a few minutes away from the town centre and approx. 20 minutes from Vigra Airport (AES).  The airport has direct flight connections to Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and also Amsterdam, Gdansk and Copenhagen -  making it easy for you to visit us both from abroad and from within Norway.