Nordic Seaco is of course MSC-Certified and follows the highest standards in all aspects throughout the supply chain, from the catching of the fish to the delivery of the products, by cooperating with established and trustworthy partners and suppliers both in Norway and abroad.

Copy of our MSC-certificate for trading with following MSC-certified products: Norwegian North East Arctic Saithe, Norwegian North Sea Saithe, Norwegian North East Arctic Offshore Haddock, Norwegian North East Arctic Offshore Cod.

MSC is an international, independent, non-profit organization based in London and the world’s leading certification and eco-labeling program for sustainable seafood. MSC was established in order to influence producers and consumers to think twice about the impact of their seafood consumption and to recognize and reward responsible fisheries. Like all MSC certified companies, our products can be traced through the supply chain to a fishery that has met all 34 MSC standards. 

For more information visit www.msc.org



Nordic Seaco was ASC certified in December 2020.

Certification according to the Aquaculture Stewardship Councils (ASCs) standards for responsible seafood farming and signals that the farmers we work with in the aquaculture industry, operate in a way that reduces environmental impact. They take into account the surrounding areas and have good working conditions for their employees. Such certification allows us to use ASC's eco-label on farmed products.

Click here for a copy of our ASC-Certificate                                                                                                                                                               


Nordic Seaco is also a registered member of Sedex, one of the world’s leading ethical trade service providers, working to improve working conditions in global supply chains. They provide practical tools, services and a community network to help companies improve their responsible and sustainable business practices, and source responsibly. . For more information visit http://www.sedex.com. Our Sedex member no: ZS409265728