Past & present

The founder, Mr. Hogne Worren, had years of experience within the seafood  business, prior to starting up Nordic Seaco AS back in 1996, together with the French importer and producer Cornic SA. In 2003 the company was completely aquired by Mr. Worren.

Nordic Seaco has over the years grown into a sound company of highly professional and customer friendly colleagues, with focus on quality and sustainability.  

Since 1996, Nordic Seaco has established a sound reputation as a trustworthy and stable supplier and trader of seafood products, both nationally and worldwide. Many of our customers has been with us since day one, something we are very proud and pleased about to this day.

At the beginning, main focus was on sea frozen products from haddock, cod and saithe in different variations. However, over the past 20 years, Nordic Seaco has expanded the product range vastly.

It now include a large variety of frozen fish products, manufactured at sea or at shore, mainly in Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Iceland or the Faroe Islands, according to our customer’s specifications. 

When in season, we deliver fresh Norwegian raw materials - mainly from cod - to some of our regular producers for further processing in Europe.

We can offer pelagic products like herring and mackerel when in season.

We have during the past few years worked hard to utilise the products we sell - from head to tail - in order not to waist anything.  We are now a steady supplier of both cod and saithe skins into marine collagene production in Norway.

A good part of our day-to-day business also include wet- and dried salted fish products.

For more detailed information on the products available, please contact us directly.

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