Transport Safety

Published: 12/09/2020 Updated: 12/09/2020
Winter is coming!

Winter is upon us again, and with it a recurring concern about whether heavy trucks on Norwegian roads are equipped for all conditions that may arise. Nordic Seaco has focused on this for several years. All our carries must therefore sign our “Transport Safety Compliance Document”. This document requires that all trucks driving for our company on Norwegian roads during wintertime, must have the following:

  • Approved tires (in accordance with the Norwegian Road Traffic Act)
  • Approved chains (in accordance with the Norwegian Road Traffic Act)
  • Accident insurance
  • 3 axle truck, if conditions require it
  • Drivers who master the conditions and adhere to the rest time
  • Drivers who have good working conditions and visas for driving in Norway
  • Drivers who have tested negative for Covid-19

Heavy transport causes the most serious accidents.

We at Nordic Seaco therefore try, to the best of our ability, to help our Norwegian and foreign transport partners to keep these statistics as low as possible.