Published: 08/23/2023 Updated: 08/23/2023

On 21 August 1996, Nordic Seaco AS was founded in Paris, France, with CORNIC SA as the main owner.

In other words, 27 years have passed in an industry that is constantly changing


Since 2003, the company has been in Hogne Warren's possession, and one can say with some pride that there have been exclusively black numbers.

27 years isn't really an anniversary, it has to be round numbers, and it's not the big one either the celebration, except for a good fruit platter!

But with the big challenges that have been solved, it still gives time for reflection and also with concerns regarding what is happening around us in society and not least geopolitically. We have dealt with Covid and challenges with regard to the war in Ukraine and we have had several deliveries there ourselves now, during wartime. It makes one very humble...

The company has many solid players and, not least, employees who have great knowledge.

We are not the biggest, but we can turn quickly and implement a new strategy. We are like a small boat versus a supertanker that needs 3 km to stop. There are challenges every day, but we have many markets that we cover and a wide range of products, so that we can reduce risk.

We look back on these years with great joy and enthusiasm. It is a privilege to be able to contribute to be in the world's most exciting industry.  We look forward to continued good cooperation with our partners and customers in the future!


Hogne Worren/CEO