Published: 02/16/2021 Updated: 09/16/2021
When I look back, I ponder upon what journey I have been on!

From the early start back in 1996 when I also built my house and managed to get married.
Sometimes happiness is better than common sense. An eventful year you might say ..

It was not a given that this would work out well, but fortunately I had good help from Cornic in
France, which was the majority owner at the time. When they signed up for this, it made it much easier to take the plunge.                                                                                                        They accounted for some turnover, but never more than a maximum of 10%. Regardless, this was invaluable for
us at that time. There was no shortage of warnings, but  once the opportunity was given,                                                                                                                                                           it was either to take plunge or leave it and choose the safe and the secure instead.

I probably had a certain self-confidence that this really could be done, even if the most pessimistic of friends thought
it would last for 3 weeks. Well now 1300 weeks have passed and his words were used as motivation.
Cornic was with me until 2003 when I got the company in my lap and was told that they wanted to withdraw
and let me take over. I was almost offended that they wanted to withdraw. I have not done a good enough
job, was my first reaction!

It is definitely not a one-man job, but my skilled employees can handle and solve the most
incredibly complex things. World-class expertise has been built up over time and developed when needed.
It is very essential that you have a passion for what you do and that this almost becomes your lifestyle!

Fishing and catching are never the same from year to year, and something new is constantly emerging.                                                                                                                                          It is a fascination and a form of addiction that is difficult to explain.
We have no fish farm to lean on or a quota to sell off, much less a factory in which we can sell from.                                                                                                                                                When it's new year, there are new opportunities and new battles. We like to be a little better than our competitors and those we buy from are also operational in the same market.

Norway is also not alone with fish on the world market, but this is the excitement!

There are also other team players and service providers that needs to be highlighted, not least carriers who get the goods in good condition at the right time.                                              There are suppliers of goods that we have collaborated with for a number of years. The list is long. None mentioned. No one forgotten!

We humbly thank you for being able to produce black positive results every busy year during this period, and we seem to be sailing in a record result in our anniversary year.

We are very happy to be in a future-oriented industry that really has the right to life!


Hogne J.Worren,

owner and general manager of Nordic Seaco AS