FINALLY! MSC certification is back also for coastal cod in Norway!

Published: 11/17/2023 Updated: 11/17/2023

It is very gratifying and important that this finally is in place, as it has disturbed sales unnecessarily since Norway lost its MSC status for coastal cod within the 12-mile zone.

Norway has the world's best kept stock of cod, and it is paradoxical that there have been temporary  problems with the certificate for fish caught close to the coast. This has mainly had a negative effect on the small coastal fishing boat fleet, that can’t fish outside the mentioned zone due to their size. But now the certificate is back and from 2024 everything should be in perfect order!

There is, however, a growing concern that there is a sustained reduction in the cod stock and by next year there will be a reduction of 100,000 mt and the same is expected in 2025, before things flatten out. Only one rule of action prevents a larger cut, as it has been said that there should be a maximum cut of 20%.

Norway and Russia have common taxation of their common resources and have reached an agreement. They have also followed ICES advice here.

Dramatic cut in the king crab quota!

King crab fishing is a great contribution financially to Norwegian fishermen, and in 2023 the quota has been 2366 mt. In 2024, however, there will be a cut of 59.3%, which gives about 963 mt.

Not exactly jubilant with this news!