A fresh start to the year 2021

Published: 01/19/2021 Updated: 01/20/2021
We hereby announce that Mr. Torgrim B. Finnes has been appointed Sales Director for our Fresh Fish Department. 

Mr. Finnes has been working at Nordic Seaco since 2011, and has a broad experience from trade, logistics and planning in both the frozen – and fresh fish sector.

Nordic Seaco has been involved in fresh fish business over the last few years, but not in full scale. Even with the difficult circumstances with Covid-19 still an ongoing threat in most markets, we are planning to serve top quality products to our European customers, also in this segment.

Nordic Seaco was licenced to export quality labelled Skrei in July 2020. (ref. NS 9406-Skrei) 

We have linked up with experienced fresh fish producers, renowned for their excellent quality. In addition, we have secured vital transport cooperation, looking forward to the season to start in full. All transport companies working with us, have signed our “Transport Safety Compliance Document”, making sure that the safety, driving heavy transport on winter roads, have top priority.

Let the season begin! We are ready.





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